How do shaping manufacturing processes affect material properties?

Manufacturing processes bring metallic components into shape. Forming manufacturing processes such as drilling, forging, milling or soldering also influence the properties of the metal to be processed and thus the product quality. EXPERIMETALL shows the way from the extraction of metal to the finished product. A special focus is on the properties of the metal material and the mode of action of shaping manufacturing processes.



Topics of the exhibition


Manufacturing processes and material properties are the focal points of the exhibition.


Main topic: Metals - a group of substances with special properties

Thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, gloss, formability and magnetism are properties that are valued in metal. How pronounced these properties are depends on the composition and processing of the metallic compound. Join us on a scientifically sound analysis of metal and investigate the internal structure of metals at grain and atomic level. Get to know metallic properties haptically and playfully by means of experiments and musical instruments like the space drum and theremin.



Set the right tone

The Spacedrum makes metal sound. The different tones produced when the individual functional surfaces are touched illustrate the influence of processing on the sonic properties of the space drum. Even slight changes in size change the pitch.


Main topic: Manufacturing processes - between craft, industry and research

Manufacturing processes are industrial-technical and manual processes with the help of which goods and merchandise are produced. Every production is based on such processes as drilling, casting, forging, milling or soldering. Divided into the areas of forming, separating, joining and forming, you will gain an insight into metalworking at several workbenches and learn about the mechanical, thermal and chemical effects of the manufacturing processes.



Best compounds

Brazing, welding, screwing and clamping are joining processes that hold the bicycle together. Get to know the joining heart of the bicycle.