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Metalworking companies and fields of research in the production technology sector have their own character. Large machines, manual workstations with workbenches, safety instructions such as yellow barriers on the floor, and lots of metal are typical for this environment. Machines screech, buzz, produce dull tones and from the manual workplaces sounds busy hammering, drilling and many other busy activities. Visiting such places may seem impressive to many people, as it gives them an insight into previously unknown aspects of social life. The aim of the EXPERIMETALL exhibition is to inspire visitors and to bring them into contact with the diverse possibilities of metals and the exciting topics of production technology. Vivid and interactive exhibits together with a decentralised structure and the design character form the conceptual triad of the interactive travelling exhibition EXPERIMETALL. EXPERIMETALL is a project of the transregional Collaborative Research Center 136 Process Signatures of the University of Bremen, the RWTH Aachen University and the Oklahoma State University.

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