About Us

The Transregional CRC 136 aims at developing and specifying the concept of process signatures to initiate a paradigm shift on material-oriented manufacturing.

Whereas the generation of well-defined geometrical properties for the industrial production of highly loaded components is well established, the process-integrated generation of defined surface - and near surface properties such as residual stresses and hardness, is hard to achieve. However, these properties are very important for the durability and operational performance of components. Therefore, it is important to achieve a fundamental understanding of the basic mechanisms leading to material alterations in machining processes and to specify it through the process signature. More background information can be taken from our glossary.

More than 40 employees of ten institutes and chairs of the University of Bremen, the RWTH Aachen and the Oklahoma State University (USA) form the CRC team.

A scientific advisory board including leading international scientists supports the activities of the CRC 136.

Besides the scientific Goals, the Transregional CRC 136 is going to develop and realize sustainable activities and concepts in diversity management, promotion of young talents, support of graduate students and science communication.