The program is addressed to students of the faculty of production engineering at the University of Bremen and the departments of mechanical engineering, civil engineering, metallurgy and materials technology at RWTH Aachen University. It is a major concern of the CRC 136 that female students are also inspired by the scientific work and topics of the CRC 136. A total of 10 places per location and year are available, 50% of these places being allocated to women. The program can be run through completely or in parts. Who has attended the event twice, will receive a certificate. Participation in the Academy Hypatia is advertised at the locations. Students are accepted to the programme on the basis of personal consultations. In addition, a personal application with a short motivation letter and curriculum vitae is possible at any time to the location coordinators  Melanie Kaesler and Nele Woehlert.

Admission to the programme takes place at the beginning of each semester.