Diversity and Gender Equality

Women are less present in every scientific career-stage of the STEM-disciplines and in engineering and natural science research associations. The participating universities are aware of this challenge. Therefore, they developed extensive principles of equal treatment and diversity that cover likewise structural measures and specific promotion of target groups. Thereby its principles of equal treatment are based on two pillars:

Compatibility of career and family:

The Transregional CRC 136 strives for a noticeable discharge of nurturing scientific personnel. Therefore arrangements and institutions of the universities, for example day care centers and additional childcare facilities, are offered. Furthermore there are internal agreements for family-friendly meeting times.

Gender equitable career development:

Besides the Academy Hypatia, which is aimed at students, doctoral candidates and post-docs of the Transregional CRC 136, the graduates receive targeted advice and support for their career planning. The Transregional CRC 136 covers the costs of individual mentoring and training measures. Partners of the Transregional CRC 136 in the area of gender equality are inter alia department 04 ”Chancengleichheit” of the University of Bremen and the ”Gleichstellungsbüro” of the RWTH Aachen.

Responsible for equality and diversity policies of the Transregional CRC 136 is Executive Manager Dr.-Ing. Jens Sölter.